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Diablo series

Group Description

Diablo is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing games by Blizzard. The games draw inspiration from roguelikes by focusing on extensive dungeon crawling and having randomized environments, enemies, and items. However, unlike true roguelikes, Diablo games have action-oriented combat with simple point-and-click mechanics, and eschew the permanent death feature. The combination of these elements along with its prominent online multiplayer gameplay has had a considerable influence on the video game industry, creating a sub-genre commonly referred to as Diablo variants.

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Selected Covers

Diablo + Hellfire Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Diablo + Hellfire
Diablo III Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Diablo III
Diablo II Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Diablo II

Selected Screenshots

Are you really going to trust a red guy with horns?
Screenshot from Diablo + Hellfire
Title screen / login
Screenshot from Diablo III
animation scene - telling the story
Screenshot from Diablo II