Dune series

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Games based on the Frank Herbert novels of the same name.

Cancelled Atari 2600 game

Atari began (and then terminated) development on a Dune game in 1984 for a film tie-in on the VCS (Atari 2600). Only an early prototype has surfaced, revealing a game not dissimilar to Warren Robinett's Adventure for the 2600.

Selected Covers

Ultimate Sci-Fi Series Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Ultimate Sci-Fi Series
Dune DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Dune
Emperor: Battle for Dune Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Emperor: Battle for Dune

Selected Screenshots

Main menu of Arrakis.
Screenshot from Arrakis
Screenshot from Dune
Main Title/Main Menu
Screenshot from Emperor: Battle for Dune
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