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Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting: Mystara

Group Description

The games in this group take place in TSR's Mystara campaign setting for the non-Advanced flavour of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), active from ~1980-1995 and since retired. A standard fantasy world, its surface geography includes the continents of Skothar, Davania, and Brun, with its regions of the Known World and the Savage Coast. Below Mystara's surface lies the Hollow World, and as an early campaign setting some of its locations, such as Blackmoor, uneasily coexist with analogous locations in the Greyhawk campaign setting.

In addition to the computer games presented here, Mystara was also the setting for Capcom's two D&D arcade games: Tower of Doom (1993) and Shadow Over Mystara (1996).

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Selected Covers

Order of the Griffon TurboGrafx-16 Front Cover
Front cover for Order of the Griffon
Fantasy Empires DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Fantasy Empires

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Order of the Griffon
Silicon Knights logo
Screenshot from Fantasy Empires