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Enhanced remakes

Group Description

An enhanced remake is a game that attempts to re-create the designs and scenarios of an older game that was developed using less advanced technology. In some cases the gameplay, plot, and overall concept remain largely the same, but the graphics and sound may be touched up or completely redone; in others, the gameplay, plot, and game world may have undergone revisions.

A general rule of thumb is that if the original game has levels, and most or all of them are recognizable in the new game, but it is also clear that the developers re-created them, then it's an enhanced remake.

This group does not include "enhanced ports" where the game may appear to be enhanced due to being on a technically superior platform, and some features may or may not have been added, but the bulk of the game is simply ported and not re-created.
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Selected Covers

Asteroids Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Asteroids
Atic Atac Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Atic Atac
Archon Ultra DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Archon Ultra
Archon Classic Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Archon Classic
Archipelagos 2000 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Archipelagos 2000

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Advanced NetWars
Activision Logo.
Screenshot from Asteroids
Screenshot from Atic Atac
Screenshot from Alley Cat 2
Main Menu
Screenshot from Aro