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Fictional character: Sinbad the Sailor

Group Description

Sinbad (also spelled "Sindbad"; Persian سندباد, "Sandbad", meaning "Lord of the Sindh River") was a fictional sailor and adventurer living in Basrah (today's Iraq) during the Islamic Golden Age (Abbasid Caliphate). He is mostly known from stories of Arabic origin, more specifically the famous account of his fictional travels found in some editions of the 1001 Nights. Sinbad is usually portrayed as a brave, cunning and resourcesful adventurer who must overcome various dangers, often including supernatural creatures and situations.

Selected Covers

Sinbad & the Golden Ship ZX Spectrum Front Cover
Front cover for Sinbad & the Golden Ship
Sinbad ZX Spectrum Front Cover
Front cover for Sinbad

Selected Screenshots

Loading screen
Screenshot from Sinbad & the Golden Ship
Company loading screen
Screenshot from Sinbad