Filler / 7 Colors variants

Group Description

Puzzle games taking place on a board divided into cells of various colors, where the player expands his territory by choosing to annex all cells of a specific color which border his territory.

This concept likely originated with the 1990 game Filler, later released in an enhanced version as 7 Colors.

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Coloroid Android Front Cover
Front cover for Coloroid
Lord of the Shades Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Lord of the Shades
Flood Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Flood
7 Colors DOS Front Cover
Front cover for 7 Colors
Colors United iPad Front Cover
Front cover for Colors United

Selected Screenshots

Main menu
Screenshot from Coloroid
Loading screen
Screenshot from Lord of the Shades
Title and Copyright
Screenshot from Filler
Beginning of a game
Screenshot from Flood
Starting situation
Screenshot from 6 Colors
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