Five in a Row / Gomoku Narabe games

Group Description

Games that feature the gameplay of the board game in which players take turns attempting to connect 5 of their pieces in a straight or diagonal line without being blocked by their opponent.

Selected Covers

Go-Moku / Renju Atari ST Front Cover
Front cover for Go-Moku / Renju
Gomoku / Renju TRS-80 CoCo Front Cover
Front cover for Gomoku / Renju
Gomoku Narabe Renju  Wii U Front Cover
Front cover for Gomoku Narabe Renju
Gomoku Deluxe Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Gomoku Deluxe

Selected Screenshots

Monochrome monitor: credits
Screenshot from Go-Moku / Renju
The title screen
Screenshot from Gomoku
Title screen.
Screenshot from Pente
The game starts with an empty 10x10 board but other options are available via the menu bar
Screenshot from Go-Moku
Title screen and menu. Games can be selected by their icon or via a drop down menu
Screenshot from Internet Games For 2
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