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Forza Motorsport series

Group Description

The Forza Motorsport series (or just Forza for short) of racing games simulation games developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Games Studios, exclusively for the Xbox and Xbox 360 games consoles.

The games focus on realistically recreating recreating both the appearance and handling of real life road going cars, from small conventional hatchbacks to super cars and hyper cars, as well as several real world racing cars designed only for track-only racing usage.

It is often billed as the Xbox's answer to the Playstation's Gran Turismo series of racing games, having more in the way of additional features such as being able to apply paint job's to each car and add after market parts in lieu of Gran Turismo's extensive car list, although the number of cars featured in Forza games have been increasing over the iterations.

The Forza series also heavily features real world race courses in various track layouts, Such as Britain's Silverstone circuit, Japan's Suzaka track and Germany's feared Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit.

Selected Covers

Forza Motorsport Xbox Front Cover
Front cover for Forza Motorsport

Selected Screenshots

The start screen
Screenshot from Forza Motorsport