GAGS / AGT games

Group Description

Mark J. Welch's Generic Adventure Game System and (since 1987) David R. Malmberg's enhanced revision the Adventure Game Toolkit were limited interactive fiction development tools intended for design and play primarily on the MS-DOS platform, though rare games appear to have been compiled for the Atari ST, Amiga and Apple Macintosh.

Third-party programs have been devised to allow the games to run on other platforms, most notably Robert Masenten's AGiliTy: the (Mostly) Universal AGT Interpreter, allowing play on Windows, Linux, the Acorn Archimedes and SCO's UnixWare.

Selected Covers

Kithe #14 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Kithe #14

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from A Journey Into Xanth
External splash screen
Screenshot from Kithe #14
Urging the user to familiarize themselves with the hypertext-navigation environment
Screenshot from Love's Fiery Imbroglio
Introduction (Z-code version)
Screenshot from Paranoia