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The Adventure Game Studio (AGS) engine is a freeware tool created by British programmer Chris Jones, officially released in 1999 to mimic the graphical adventure games introduced by Sierra. The first game release using this engine was Lassi Quest. The engine has since been used to introduce freeware/shareware games by a growing AGS community.

Although AGS is basically a Windows development tool and relies on the .NET framework in its most recent versions, MacOS and Linux ports of earlier stable versions exist. As of late 2010, the editor code has been made freely available under the Artistic License 2.0.

For further information regarding the AGS engine and community, please refer to the official AGS website.
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Selected Covers

The Blackwell Legacy Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Blackwell Legacy
Quest Fighter 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Quest Fighter 2
Infinite Monkeys Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Infinite Monkeys
Root of all Evil Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Root of all Evil

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Paul Quest: Gold Edition
Title screen
Screenshot from The Blackwell Legacy
Main menu.
Screenshot from A Gunshot in Room 37
Main Menu
Screenshot from 1213: Episode 3
Bobbin vs. The Hero
Screenshot from Quest Fighter 2
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