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Game Engine: AGOS

Group Description

Rather than re-inventing the wheel each time around as he did between graphical text adventures Seas of Blood and Blizzard Pass, Alan Cox adapted his work on AberMUD V to incorporate graphical extensions, resulting in the AGOS Engine used to make all Horrorsoft/Adventuresoft games after Personal Nightmare up until Simon 3D's new perspective necessitated new tools.

Selected Covers

The Feeble Files Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Feeble Files
Elvira DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Elvira
Elvira's Horror Pack DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Elvira's Horror Pack

Selected Screenshots

The Main Menu and our hero (German version)
Screenshot from The Feeble Files
Title Screen
Screenshot from Elvira
Opening Titles
Screenshot from Simon the Sorcerer