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Game Engine: BTZ

Group Description

Synapse Software's William Mataga and Steve Hales spent much of 1984-1985 designing a new "predictive" text adventure parser to incorporate Eliza's intuition into a competitor for Infocom's text parser. (BTZ expanded to "Better Than Zork".) These resultant works of interactive fiction were marketed by Synapse's friendly acquirer Broderbund as "electronic novel"s to mixed success, leaving the line with four works published and three complete but unreleased (Ronin, House of Changes, and Deadly Summer).

Selected Covers

Mindwheel DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Mindwheel
Brimstone DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Brimstone
Breakers DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Breakers
Essex DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Essex

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Mindwheel
Title screen
Screenshot from Brimstone
Title screen
Screenshot from Breakers
Title screen
Screenshot from Essex