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Game Engine: Game Maker

Group Description

Games developed using the Game Maker toolkit, written in Delphi by Mark Overmars (now developed and distributed by YoYo Games) and first released in 1999.

The toolkit comes in both free and more advanced, paid versions. The games can be distributed both freely and commercially. Games can be created using a drag-and-drop interface or through the game's Game Maker Language (GML), similar to C. The most recent version, GameMaker: Studio, allows exporting games to many platforms, including Android, HTML5 and iOS.

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Selected Covers

Blazing Wings Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Blazing Wings
Wally Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Wally
Booloid Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Booloid
Bool Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Bool

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu - wait long enough and watch an alien land on the moon :)
Screenshot from Seiklus
Title screen
Screenshot from The Sandbox of God
Main menu
Screenshot from RunMan: Going Coconuts
The title screen with dual gameplay
Screenshot from La La Land 4