Game Feature: Possession

Group Description

Games in which the player is either a dead person, a ghost, human or creature with special powers or other entity that lets you possess either characters or objects or both.

During the possession the player must be able to control the possessed character or object in some manner.

Selected Covers

Dungeon Keeper 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Dungeon Keeper 2
Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Front Cover
Front cover for Super Mario Odyssey
Beyond: Two Souls PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Beyond: Two Souls
Messiah Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Messiah

Selected Screenshots

Bullfrog developers Dungeon Keeper 2 logo.
Screenshot from Dungeon Keeper 2
Exploring a sub-area early in the game. Look, frogs!
Screenshot from Super Mario Odyssey
Manual - Game comes with a digital manual that needs to be installed in order to read it.
Screenshot from Beyond: Two Souls
Main Menu
Screenshot from Messiah
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