Game Feature: Simulated Internet

Group Description

Games that simulate the use of an internet, the world wide web, or equivalent external area network, including science fiction representations. The use of a simulated internet must be part of actual gameplay for games to qualify for this game group.

A sci-fi representation of cyberspace in the game Bloodnet (1993).

  • An internet or equivalent external area network must be explicitly apparent. A LAN system or simply a graphical representation of a huge wall monitor with a world/universe map and blinking lights dots signifying something electronically fancy going does not qualify.

  • The simulated internet or equivalent external area network must be a gameplay element, optionally accessible to the player and is not merely a theme or a story-based-only feature.

  • An electronic mail (email) only feature is not sufficient enough to qualify as an equivalent of an external area network for the purposes of this game group.

Selected Covers

BloodNet DOS Front Cover
Front cover for BloodNet
Digital: A Love Story Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Digital: A Love Story
Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Grand Theft Auto V
Jagged Alliance 2 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Jagged Alliance 2

Selected Screenshots

Developer's logo
Screenshot from BloodNet
Booting up the Amie Workbench
Screenshot from Digital: A Love Story
Main menu
Screenshot from Grand Theft Auto V
From the intro.
Screenshot from Jagged Alliance 2
Uplink Screenshot 1
Screenshot from Uplink: Hacker Elite
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