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Gameplay feature: Brothels

Group Description

Games that allow the player to optionally pay to use the services of a brothel or bordello (in-game, not in real life, you pervert), usually in a specified location or building.

Acquiring such services (i.e. prostitution) usually does not affect either the gameplay or the story advancement of the game. Some games however do offer minor bonuses such as health restoration.

  • A location or specified building may refer to a red-light district or a brothel. Any game that does not identify a specified location or building, however may specify permanent locations of individual prostitutes (such as GTA games) should be excluded from this game group.

  • Games that, though identifying a location or specified building equivalent to a red-light district or a brothel, do not allow the player to optionally acquire such services - or, on the contrary, require the player controlled-character to do so (e.g. in Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards) - should be likewise excluded.
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Dragon Age II Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Dragon Age II
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Front cover for Ultima IX: Ascension
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Selected Screenshots

Title screen + Main menu
Screenshot from Dragon Age II
The first thing you see after the logos is this introduction movie. Britannia seems to be peaceful... but for how long?..
Screenshot from Ultima IX: Ascension
Main Menu
Screenshot from Dragon Age: Origins
A castle - obviously. (Intro)
Screenshot from The Witcher