Gameplay Feature: In-game achievements

Group Description

Games which offer an achievement, trophy, etc. system that exists within the game itself, i.e. not tied to the console or platform the game is being run on, or to a user account that exists outside the scope of the game.

Achievements are cosmetic awards that players may earn through taking in-game actions. They can range from extremely simple to near-impossible, and some games may give players item or currency incentives for completing them.

Selected Covers

Pokémon Picross Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for Pokémon Picross
Kirby Air Ride GameCube Front Cover
Front cover for Kirby Air Ride
Xenoblade Chronicles Wii Front Cover
Front cover for Xenoblade Chronicles
Minecraft Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Minecraft

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Title Screen
Screenshot from Kirby Air Ride
Home page.
Screenshot from Fableden
Main menu
Screenshot from Minecraft
The site's homepage.
Screenshot from Global Pokédex Plus
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