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Gameplay feature: Journal

Group Description

Games featuring a journal, which is automatically updated with plot advances and clues. Useful to recall your adventures when you get back to your old saved games. Usually found in role-playing games (RPGs). Often written in first person.

  • A mere quest list/tracker doesn't qualify, a journal should be more verbose and chronological by default.
  • Interactive fiction is text flow by definition, so it doesn't count.
  • Watching unlocked cutscenes again in sequence doesn't count as a journal.

Selected Covers

Icewind Dale Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Icewind Dale
Anvil of Dawn DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Anvil of Dawn
The Witcher Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Witcher

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen
Screenshot from Icewind Dale
Choose from 5 champions of different sex, origin and... height! Even a non-human! Sadly, only 3 voices are used...
Screenshot from Anvil of Dawn
A castle - obviously. (Intro)
Screenshot from The Witcher