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Gameplay feature: Paper doll inventory

Group Description

Games that visualize the clothing, armor and weapons of a character using a paper doll.

Not belonging in group:
  • Games where the visualization of the character's gear just happens in-action, but not in the inventory itself.

  • Games that use a sketch or silhouette to visualize the character, but there's no change of it at equipping / un-equipping items.

  • Paper Dolls that are hacked into pieces such as Diablo II's.

Selected Covers

The Elder Scrolls: Arena DOS Front Cover
Front cover for The Elder Scrolls: Arena
Robinson's Requiem DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Robinson's Requiem
Menzoberranzan DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Menzoberranzan

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from The Elder Scrolls: Arena
Intro sequence
Screenshot from Robinson's Requiem
Title Screen
Screenshot from Menzoberranzan