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Gameplay feature: Permadeath / Permanent Death

Group Description

Permadeath (slang) is a game feature where the player controlled character is permanently erased after death. No load game options are available and all saved game(s) of that particular character/scenario/campaign are automatically deleted by the game.

Single-player games storing player's data locally (e.g. allowing to quit playing and to return to game-in-progress another day) open the possibility of player manually backing up critical files - this is called save scumming and is considered cheating. Multiplayer games store players' data on server to prevent this.

  • Games where permanent death is only a level/difficulty option e.g. exists only in hardcore/nightmare mode or where permanent death is optional and not the default mode, should be excluded from this game group. Hence, games such as Diablo should not be included in this game group.

  • Games that have a continue feature or multiple lives should be excluded from this game group. The permanent death feature must have the effect of the player losing all level progression, prompting the player to restart a new game, where the new game is indistinguishable from the first time the player played the game. Some games however, may have some minor achievements, scores, or other minor features recorded. Games that reward the player with additional lives during the game (e.g. via items) may be included in the game, as long as player starts with a single life.
Rogue variants may also be included in this game group. Though please note that that some variants out there may not have a permanent death feature or that feature is optional.

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Loading screen
Screenshot from The Binding of Isaac
Nethack on Linux
Screenshot from NetHack
Main menu.
Screenshot from Pixel Piracy
Main title.
Screenshot from Wayward
Title screen
Screenshot from Rogue