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Quick Time Events (QTEs) are a game play mechanic that allows the player limited control of the game character during cut scenes or cinematic sequences in the game. The player has to press buttons in accordance with on-screen signaling or perform other actions (such as shaking a motion sensitive controller). Failure to comply to these instructions most commonly either branches the cut scene into a different path or results in the avatar's death. The term Quick Time Events was coined by Yu Suzuki.
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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPlatformPublisherUser Score
Afterfall: InSanity2011WindowsNicolas Entertainment Group2.98
Jurassic Park: The Game2011Macintosh, PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Telltale, Inc.3.15
Jurassic Park: The Game - Episode 1: The Intruder2011iPadTelltale, Inc....
Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception2011PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC4.24
Battlefield 32011PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Electronic Arts, Inc.3.40
God of War: Origins Collection2011PlayStation 3Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC...
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings2011WindowsAtari, Inc.4.23
Garshasp: The Monster Slayer2011WindowsDead Mage Inc....
The Silver Lining: Episode Three - My Only Love Sprung from My Only Hate2011WindowsPhoenix Online Studios LLC3.80
No More Heroes: Red Zone2011PlayStation 3Marvelous Entertainment Inc....
Lord of Apocalypse2011PSP, PS VitaSquare Enix Co., Ltd....
Red Johnson's Chronicles2011PlayStation 3, WindowsLexis Numérique SA...
Alan Wake2010Xbox 360, Xbox OneMicrosoft Game Studios4.25
Yakuza 42010PlayStation 3SEGA of America, Inc.3.92
Mass Effect 22010Windows, Xbox 360Electronic Arts, Inc.4.22
Lord of Arcana2010PSPSquare Enix, Inc....
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow2010PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.4.31
No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise2010PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc....
God of War III2010PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.4.19
Just Cause 22010PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Square Enix Co., Ltd.3.47
Dark Void2010PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Capcom Entertainment, Inc.3.11
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle2010WiiUbisoft, Inc....
Dante's Inferno2010PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox 360Electronic Arts, Inc.3.65
Prison Break: The Conspiracy2010PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360Deep Silver, Inc.3.08
Heavy Rain2010PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.4.13
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Lord of Arcana PSP Front Cover
Front cover for Lord of Arcana
Red Johnson's Chronicles PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Red Johnson's Chronicles
Jurassic Park: The Game PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for Jurassic Park: The Game

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Title Screen
Screenshot from Lord of Arcana
Title screen, with an animated dinosaur for each episode.
Screenshot from Jurassic Park: The Game
Main title.
Screenshot from Alan Wake
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