Gameplay feature: Recordable replays

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Games in which the player can record gameplay actions (by saving to a file) and later view them (non-interactively). Often done in replay editor mode, which enables changing camera views, playback control etc. Other games require to be run with command-line switches to allow recording/playback.

Replays are sometimes called demos, confusingly (as this term has many other meanings).

History of use

While generally superseded today by video capture, before the required advances of video compression and improvements in computers' performance it was the only way to record the player's gameplay (without a camera).

Such recordings can be used to document speedruns, as any user with the same version of the game can play it back. New game version may cause things to play out-of-sync (or fail to play at all, usually the case with older versions). Synchronization errors may also occur in the case of recording multiplayer events.

Saved replays (also gameplay recorded via video capture) are used to create machinima (usually after being edited using other software). Similar technique may be applied (coupled with scripting) to produce game-engine based cutscenes.


  • Games which only offer short non-recordable after-action instant replays (usually sport/racing games) do not qualify.
  • Games which allow the player to chase a ghost of oneself (usually racing games) do not qualify.
  • While some recorded replays allow the player to re-enter the action, replay recordings should not be confused with savegames.
  • Not to be confused with so-called demo mode (attract mode), when computer plays the game by itself (AI vs. AI).

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Game TitleYearPlatformsorted in descending orderPublisherUser Score
OpenRA2010Linux, Macintosh, Windows...
Pokémon Showdown2011Browser, Windows...
Wargame: Red Dragon - Norse Dragons2015Linux, Macintosh, Windows...
Tyrian 20001999DOS, Macintosh, WindowsXSIV Games3.98
Red Baron1990Amiga, DOS, MacintoshSierra On-Line, Inc.3.82
Stunt Island1992DOSWalt Disney Computer Software, Inc.3.82
Star Wars: TIE Fighter1994DOSLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC4.08
Strife1996DOSVelocity Inc.3.91
Retro City Rampage: DX2012DOS, Linux, Macintosh, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360Vblank Entertainment Inc.3.48
Half-Life 22004Android, Linux, Macintosh, Windows, XboxElectronic Arts, Inc.4.10
Team Fortress 22007Linux, Macintosh, WindowsValve Corporation4.12
Pacific Fighters2004WindowsUbisoft, Inc.3.48
IL-2 Sturmovik2001WindowsUbi Soft Entertainment Software4.02
Lock On: Modern Air Combat2003WindowsUbisoft Entertainment SA4.04
IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles2003WindowsUbi Soft Entertainment Software4.16
Supreme Commander2007Windows, Xbox 360Aspyr Media, Inc.3.77
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor2009WindowsTHQ Inc.3.51
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade2006WindowsTHQ Inc.3.94
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm2008Windowsak tronic Software & Services GmbH3.94
Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts2007WindowsTHQ Inc.4.37
Company of Heroes2006WindowsTHQ Inc.3.94
Quake1996Acorn 32-bit, Amiga, DOS, Linux, Macintosh, Nintendo 64, SEGA Saturn, Windows, Windows Mobile, Zeeboid Software, Inc.4.03
DOOM19933DO, DOS, Game Boy Advance, Jaguar, Linux, PC-98, SEGA 32X, SNES, WindowsActivision Publishing, Inc.3.72
Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Limited Collector’s Edition)2009PSPSquare Enix, Ltd....
Supreme Commander 22010Macintosh, Windows, Xbox 360Square Enix, Inc.4.23
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Tyrian 2000 DOS Front Cover
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Strife DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Strife
Star Wars: TIE Fighter DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Star Wars: TIE Fighter
OpenRA Linux Front Cover
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Main Menu
Screenshot from Tyrian 2000
Title Screen
Screenshot from Strife
Title - Star Wars
Screenshot from Star Wars: TIE Fighter
Main Menu with live action scripted shell map in the background.
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