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Gameplay feature: Time Manipulation

Group Description

Games where the player is able to bend the rules of time as a key element of the gameplay. This involves slowing down time (bullet time), fast-forwarding, or the ability to stop it. Unlike the Theme: Time Manipulation game group, for games in this group the feature does not need to support a larger plot and can exist merely as a game mechanic. It is possible for games to be in both groups as well.
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Stream Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Stream
Max Payne 3 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Max Payne 3
Cursor*10 [2nd session] Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Cursor*10 [2nd session]
Forza Horizon Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Forza Horizon

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Title screen
Screenshot from Stream
Title screen
Screenshot from Max Payne 3
Title screen
Screenshot from Cursor*10 [2nd session]
Title screen
Screenshot from Forza Horizon