Gameplay feature: Tower of Hanoi puzzle

Group Description

Games in this group feature the 1883 puzzle Tower of Hanoi either as the entire game or somewhere in a puzzle in the game.

The puzzle consists of three poles and discs that make up the tower. The goal is to move the tower from one pole to another with various constraints:
  • Only one disk may be moved at a time
  • The player may only pick the topmost disc from a pole
  • A disk may not be placed on top of a smaller disc

Selected Covers

All Dogs Go to Heaven Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for All Dogs Go to Heaven
Mass Effect Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Mass Effect

Selected Screenshots

Initial position
Screenshot from PrzekĊ‚adanka
Title screen (CGA)
Screenshot from All Dogs Go to Heaven
Move the disks to Peg 3
Screenshot from Towers of Hanoi