Games for the KDE desktop environment

Group Description

The KDE desktop environment is a popular desktop system for Linux based on the portable Qt library for user interfaces. Games in this group are specifically designed for running with this desktop system by using the desktops libraries and design guidelines from the desktop itself, with gaming extension by the KDEGames-project (all games are scalable running in any window size, have identical menu and toolbar structure and manuals included in the KDE help system).

Games created for the KDE desktop environment can run on any other Linux desktop system, tooif appropriate libraries are installed (Qt, kdelibs, kdegames), but their look-and-feel may not feel "native" on other desktops than KDE.

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Selected Screenshots

Starting with an empty board of medium size (20x10)
Screenshot from KSquares
Starting board ("Easy", 4 colors). Any colored are with at least two stones can be removed
Screenshot from Klickety
Default game type with default tile set. My guy is starting in the middle
Screenshot from Killbots
Starting screen with tiny (9x9) board size (Version 0.5.6)
Screenshot from Kigo
Starting screen
Screenshot from Naval Battle
Game group created by Jo ST (24080)