Games with boss key

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Games which provide a keyboard shortcut (or menu option), which displays a screenshot or small utility mimicking a business-related program or operating system, in order to hide player's activity (playing the game) from their real life boss / parent / teacher / spouse. Sometimes called a panic button.

Made obsolete by multitasking operating systems, in which the player may simply minimize game window or switch to another application.

Using the boss key in Tetris (1987).

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Jazz Jackrabbit CD-ROM DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Jazz Jackrabbit CD-ROM
Jetpack DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Jetpack
Wolfenstein 3D DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Wolfenstein 3D
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Front cover for OverKill

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Title screen
Screenshot from Moorhuhn 2
Screenshot from Jazz Jackrabbit CD-ROM
Title Screen
Screenshot from Lovely Girls