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Games with code-wheel copy protection

Group Description

Games that use copy protection in the form of a paper or equivalent code-wheel. Code-wheels usually consist of two wheels included with the game. These wheels usually have holes which, when used together by the player, will overlap and identify a specific letter, word, or symbol based on in-game copy protection instructions.

Entering the correct letter/word/symbol will allow the player to continue the game, while failing to do so will prompt the game to exit or any equivalent inhibiting the player to continue the game.

Code-wheel copy protection from Heat Wave: Offshore Superboat Racing.

Some forms of code wheels do not come in a circular form and may come in a variety of shapes (rectangular, triangular, etc.). As long as two equivalent objects are used in a similar fashion to reveal the correct answer indicated by the in-game copy protection instructions, the shape of the wheel is irrelevant.

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Legacy of the Ancients DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Legacy of the Ancients
Amnesia PC Booter Front Cover
Front cover for Amnesia
A Mind Forever Voyaging Atari ST Front Cover
Front cover for A Mind Forever Voyaging
The Fool's Errand Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for The Fool's Errand

Selected Screenshots

Game setup screen.
Screenshot from Legacy of the Ancients
Title screen
Screenshot from Amnesia
Screenshot from A Mind Forever Voyaging
Prologue Title Screen
Screenshot from The Fool's Errand