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Games with in-game developer commentary

Group Description

Games which offer developer commentary that is integrated into the game, and appears as you play through the game.

Not belonging in group: Games where the behind-the-scenes commentary is presented as videos or documents outside the game itself.

Selected Covers

The Orange Box PlayStation 3 Front Cover
Front cover for The Orange Box
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
The Blackwell Legacy Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The Blackwell Legacy
Blackwell Unbound Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Blackwell Unbound

Selected Screenshots

Main game select menu
Screenshot from The Orange Box
Main menu. Like any other HL2 title, you get a background showing the level.
Screenshot from Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
Title screen
Screenshot from The Blackwell Legacy
Title screen
Screenshot from Blackwell Unbound