Games with profane titles

Group Description

Games where its title explicitly uses words that may spark controversy towards a particular norm, ideal, faith or religion, gender, race, sexual preference, etc., deemed by the majority of the civilized world to be simply in poor taste. In other cases, the use of such words are purely for parody purposes in exercising free speech (in countries that allow free speech, that is), though still a clear representation of bad taste, subjectively speaking (specified social group depending).

  • A definite politically incorrect word must be apparent in the game title, may it be in proper English (or in its original language) or slang. Words that may have two or more meanings (depending on your imagination), however do not represent the original intention of the developer should be excluded from this game group.

  • For future reference, the following words are not deemed to be politically incorrect: sex, scientific designations for reproductive, genital, or digestive organs/processes; scientific designations for sexual preference; dick (when used as slang for detective).
Additional Notes
  • Alternate titles for the game, such as working titles, also qualify for this game group.

  • If a dispute arises in question to whether a word is politically incorrect or not (or simply put, not vulgar enough), consider whether or not that particular word can be freely used on public TV networks with conservative censorship.

Selected Covers

Fuck Typing Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Fuck Typing
Mind Fuck Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Mind Fuck
The C word Browser Front Cover
Front cover for The C word
Fuck Space! Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Fuck Space!

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen and Main Menu
Screenshot from Alien Rape Escape
Title screen
Screenshot from Fuck Typing
Home Sweet Home.
Screenshot from PISS
Beginning of the game.
Screenshot from Mind Fuck
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