Games with randomly generated environments

Group Description

Games where the environment (world, universe, map, that place with a lot of rooms, etc.) is randomly generated at the start of each new game. This also applies to games where a random world or similar feature is selectable (usually in the scenario settings).

  • Games where certain key areas (such as the starting location or other areas of importance) are not randomly created, however the majority of the environment still remains random (try 90%), should also be included in this game group.

  • Variations where the environment may be tweaked by the player to a certain degree may also be included in this game group, as long as it still results in a random generated environment. If the tweaked environment results in a definite/exact environment when using the same parameters, then those games should be excluded from this game group, unless a purely randomly generated environment is still optional.

  • Please note that the focus of random lies on the environment. Randomly placed items, Non-Player Characters (NPCs), the player's starting location (buildings included), or other non-terrain/geographical features do not refer to this.

Selected Covers

Paranautical Activity Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Paranautical Activity
Audiosurf 2 Linux Front Cover
Front cover for Audiosurf 2
Lair of the Evildoer Xbox 360 Front Cover 1st version
Front cover for Lair of the Evildoer
Wax J2ME Front Cover
Front cover for Wax
Master of Orion 3 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Master of Orion 3

Selected Screenshots

Introduction screen
Screenshot from Ratrun
Title screen
Screenshot from Paranautical Activity
Introduction screen
Screenshot from Maze
Intro blurb
Screenshot from Dungeon of Nadroj
Main menu.
Screenshot from Audiosurf 2
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