Genre: Board game - Go / Weiqi

Group Description

This group contains video game adaptations of the ancient Chinese board game weiqi (simplified Chinese: 围棋), better known internationally as go (from its Japanese name "igo", 囲碁).

Selected Covers

Go Professional II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Go Professional II
Microgo1 NES Front Cover
Front cover for Microgo1
Ancient Go Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Ancient Go

Selected Screenshots

The shareware game starts in a window with the 'Please Register The Game' text already inplace. It then surrounds the text with a border and shades the enclosed space
Screenshot from Splotch
Starting screen with tiny (9x9) board size (Version 0.5.6)
Screenshot from Kigo
Game group created by Unicorn Lynx (181424), additional games added to group by Rola (8307), piltdown_man (150041), Jo ST (24094), Sciere (505796), Scaryfun (17606) and vedder (31268)