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Genre: Car / motorcycle combat

Group Description

This group includes games in which player-controlled characters and opponents drive cars or motorcycles, and use violence to deal with each other. Most of these games feature cars equipped with various weapons. Many such games revolve around races, where victory depends on successful violent elimination of the opponents.

  • Games in which car combat is not the main gameplay mechanic should not be included in the group.
  • Games in which the player mostly uses cars for purely driving purposes, or to damage pedestrians or anyone else who is not necessarily driving a car himself (e.g. GTA games) should be likewise excluded.
  • Games submitted to this group must be action- and driving-oriented. Additional gameplay elements (e.g. role-playing) are allowed as long as combat is action-based and players are able to drive their cars.
  • Futuristic car designs are allowed. However, for vehicular combat games featuring vehicles other than cars or motorcycles, please refer to the following groups:
    For games with giant robot (mech) or tank combat, see the BattleMech and Tank genre, respectively. For games with space combat, see the Space combat simulation group.

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Selected Covers

Twisted Metal PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Twisted Metal
Road Rash Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Road Rash
Quarantine DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Quarantine
MegaRace DOS Front Cover
Front cover for MegaRace
Zone Raiders DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Zone Raiders

Selected Screenshots

Main menu
Screenshot from Twisted Metal
Title screen
Screenshot from Road Rash
Developer's logo
Screenshot from Quarantine
Brief and to the point.
Screenshot from Highway Fighter
Title Screen
Screenshot from MegaRace
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