Genre: Card / Tile game - Poker

Group Description

Video game adaptations of the traditional card game poker. This is not limited to any specific ruleset as multiples varieties and rules exist for the card game. The main game usually contains elements such as betting and bluffing. Some popular variants include: five card draw, Texas Hold 'Em seven card stud, Iron cross and Badugi.

This group may also contain the "strip poker" games that combine poker gameplay with graphical rewards, usually of a sexual or nude nature.

Poker must be the entire premise for the games included in this group. For other games in which the player can participate in poker games see the Games with Poker group.

  • Games that have playing poker as a part of a story, quest or mission (i.e. adventure or role-playing games) do not belong in this group.
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Selected Covers

101 Casino Games Windows Front Cover
Front cover for 101 Casino Games
Castle Video Poker Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Castle Video Poker
Big Fish Casino Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Big Fish Casino

Selected Screenshots

The CD autoloads and displays this screen
Screenshot from 101 Casino Games
Title screen
Screenshot from Ace of Spades
Bicycle Bridge: Title Screen
Screenshot from Bicycle Limited Edition
The initial game screen follows the developer's logo<br>The game does not start until the player selects their initial stake from the sword themed pop-up a the bottom of the screen
Screenshot from Castle Video Poker
Loading screen
Screenshot from Big Fish Casino
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