Genre: Card / Tile game - Shisen-Sho / Four Rivers

Group Description

Games based on the tile-matching game popularized by Irem with the 1989 coin-op Shisen-Sho, also known as Match It. The gameplay involves removing matching tiles -- often traditional Chinese mahjong tiles -- from a preset arrangement. Pairs can only be removed if they can be connected by a line, with no more than two bends, which does not pass through any other tile on the board.

Not to be confused with the better-known Shanghai, which also commonly uses traditional mahjong tiles and involves removing them in pairs, but has very different rules for doing so.

Selected Covers

3D MahJongg Nintendo 3DS Front Cover
Front cover for 3D MahJongg
Tiles of Fate NES Front Cover
Front cover for Tiles of Fate

Selected Screenshots

Title Screen.
Screenshot from Shisenshō: Match-Mania
This is the start of a game using the default settings
Screenshot from Shi Sen
Title screen.
Screenshot from Happy Pairs
Title screen with main menu
Screenshot from Match It
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