Genre: Card / Tile game - Solitaire / Patience

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Solitaire or Patience refers to card games that can be played with a single player. The most famous Solitaire game is Klondike, a version of which has featured prominently in all Windows releases under the name Patience or Solitaire (depending on region).

Limitations: For the purpose of this group, please limit to games that would be solitaire as well when played with actual cards. For example Draw Poker 1 doesn't qualify, because in real life you'd need a person to play the bank.
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Selected Covers

Klondike DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Klondike
Solitaire Royale Amiga Front Cover
Front cover for Solitaire Royale

Selected Screenshots

Alternating splash screen #1
Screenshot from Osmosis Solitaire
Starting out
Screenshot from Klondike
Main menu
Screenshot from BCastle
Title screen (CGA mode)
Screenshot from Accordion
The game starts with a shareware reminder
Screenshot from Calculation Solitaire
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