Genre: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

Group Description

Not necessarily licensees of the children's book series by the same name (Choose Your Own Adventure gamebook adaptations) but games following the same basic hyperfiction play mechanisms as employed in physical "gamebooks" -- non-interactive passages of text (sometimes illustrated) being presented to the player (visually as text or read-out-loud audibly, as in A Dark And Deadly Path), who is then posed with options to choose from... generally selected via hot-key or clicked upon with the mouse or joystick.

Player input is limited to the simple selection of a small selection of multiple-choice options and must advance (but not necessarily fork) a story or narrative and not just further a simulation. Tightly related but distinct is the interactive movie non-sports theme and also of interest are the the Amateur gamebook conversions and Fighting Fantasy gamebook adaptations group, as well as the Multiple-choice games group for games that initially appear to be CYOAs but have more going on (randomization, bookkeeping) under the hood.

Adventure Book is one software framework intended to facilitate the home production of CYOA games.

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Selected Covers

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Android Front Cover
Front cover for Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
A Dark and Stormy Entry Windows Front Cover
Front cover for A Dark and Stormy Entry
Vicious Cycles Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Vicious Cycles

Selected Screenshots

A shot from the opening FMV
Screenshot from Silent Hill: Play Novel
It all started with a book...
Screenshot from Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
The beginning
Screenshot from A Dark and Stormy Entry