Genre: Dual / Twin-stick shooter

Group Description

This group serves for a very specific kind of Shoot 'em Up game that uses two joysticks or thumbsticks to control the main character. One stick is used to move in any direction, while the other is used to fire in any direction. Due to the nature of this control scheme it's possible to walk in one direction while firing in another.

This group is intended both for games that drop the player(s) in fixed arenas, games with forced scrolling levels and games that allow the player(s) to explore the environment at will as long as the controls adhere to the standard specified above.

  • For games released on multiple platforms it has to be playable using two sticks on at least one platform (including the original Arcade version if applicable) without user modifications.
  • Minor mini-games do not count, the majority of the game should be a dual/twin-stick shooter.
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Selected Covers

Robotron X PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Robotron X
Robotron: 2084 PC Booter Front Cover
Front cover for Robotron: 2084
Mutant Storm Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Mutant Storm
Smash T.V. SNES Front Cover
Front cover for Smash T.V.
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Front cover for Total Carnage

Selected Screenshots

TItle screen
Screenshot from Robotron 64
Screenshot from Robotron X
Screenshot from Robotron: 2084
Main menu
Screenshot from Mutant Storm
Title Screen
Screenshot from Smash T.V.