Genre: Falling block puzzle

Group Description

Tetris can be seen as the mother of all falling block puzzles, but the concept has since been cloned, expanded and stretched a whole lot, with notable examples being Dr. Mario, Puyo Puyo and Columns. Games centred around putting together falling pieces into particular patterns, thereby eliminating them, fit into this group.

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Selected Covers

Puyo Puyo Sun SEGA Saturn Front Cover
Front cover for Puyo Puyo Sun
Power Game III DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Power Game III
Tecmo Stackers PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Tecmo Stackers
3-D Tetris Virtual Boy Front Cover
Front cover for 3-D Tetris

Selected Screenshots

Funny startup screen
Screenshot from Kevtris
The start of a game. 
The background turns black when the game commences
Screenshot from BeeTris
The shareware game loads to a 'nag' screen that is replaced by this - the game credits. The player selects 'new game' from the menu to progress from here.
Screenshot from Bricklayer
Title Screen
Screenshot from Puyo Puyo Sun
In the shareware version this is followed by a reminder to purchase the full game
Screenshot from Chain Reaction