Genre: Fixed-screen shoot 'em up

Group Description

The initial form of shoot 'em ups was defined by the genre's progenitor, Space Invaders (1978): the player controls a character (usually a space ship) that can move within the limits of a single top-down screen. Traditionally, the movement is restricted to the sides only; shooters in which the character can be navigated up- and downwards within one screen also belong to this group, since the defining distinction of these games from other shoot 'em ups is the lack of scrolling and the inability to break the confines of one screen until all of the enemies on it have been eliminated and the player moves on to a new stage.

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Selected Covers

Namco Museum Nintendo Switch Front Cover 1st version
Front cover for Namco Museum
Invader Attack Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Invader Attack
Warped Retro Xbox 360 Front Cover
Front cover for Warped Retro
Epic Boss Fighter Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Epic Boss Fighter

Selected Screenshots

Start screen
Screenshot from Epic Boss Fighter 2
Main menu (Trial version)
Screenshot from Warped Retro
Start screen
Screenshot from Epic Boss Fighter
Title screen
Screenshot from Pony Killer
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