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Genre: Rail shooter

Group Description

A rail shooter is a specific kind of shooter game. In these games, the player only controls a cross-hair or uses a weapon shaped controller to fire at on-screen enemies and hazards. The player moves along a prerecorded path through the levels. In other words, the player is "on rails" and cannot decide where to go. In some rail shooters, the player might have a limited influence into which direction the character moves at junctions.

While most rail shooters feature a first person perspective, this isn't mandatory. Games where the player character is able to move are not rail shooters.

Some shooters show the player in a third person perspective moving along a predefined path, but in addition also allow the player to move his avatar all over (or parts of) the screen. Such games belong to the chase-view shooter genre and should not be included in this group.

This group is only for games which feature only this type of game play. Some shooter games might offer a single level in which the path is predefined. These games are excluded from the group.
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Game Titlesorted in descending orderYearPlatformPublisherMobyScore
The Typing of the Dead1999Arcade, Dreamcast, WindowsEmpire Interactive Entertainment3.43
Time Crisis: Crisis Zone1999Arcade, PlayStation 2Namco Hometek Inc.3.69
Silent Scope1999Arcade, Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2Konami of America, Inc.3.34
Knife Edge: Nose Gunner1998Nintendo 64Kotobuki System Co., Ltd.3.25
The House of the Dead 21998Arcade, Dreamcast, WindowsActivision Publishing, Inc.3.54
The Lost Ride1998CD-iPhilips Interactive Media, Inc....
Judge Dredd1997PlayStation, PS VitaActivision, Inc.4.14
Time Crisis II1997Arcade, PlayStation 2Namco Limited3.80
Maximum Force1997Arcade, PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, WindowsMidway Games, Inc.2.69
Deadly Tide1996WindowsMicrosoft Corporation3.29
The House of the Dead1996Arcade, SEGA Saturn, WindowsSEGA Corporation3.46
Time Crisis1996Arcade, PlayStationNamco Hometek Inc.3.89
Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (Includes Star Wars: Rebel Assault)1996DOS, WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.97
Solar Crusade1996CD-i, WindowsInfogrames Europe SA1.75
Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei1996SEGA SaturnSEGA of America, Inc.3.99
Gunblade NY: Special Air Assault Force1996ArcadeSEGA Enterprises Ltd.4.00
Wetlands1995DOSNew World Computing, Inc.3.42
Crypt Killer1995Arcade, PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, WindowsKonami of America, Inc.3.88
Solar Eclipse1995PlayStation, SEGA SaturnCrystal Dynamics, Inc.3.81
Gunslinger Collection 19953DOAmerican Laser Games, Inc.5.00
Chaos Control1995CD-i, DOS, Macintosh, PlayStation, SEGA SaturnIā€¢Motion, Inc.3.25
Virtua Cop 21995Arcade, Dreamcast, SEGA Saturn, WindowsSEGA Corporation3.78
Area 511995Arcade, PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, WindowsAtari, Inc.3.36
The Hive1995PlayStation, WindowsTrimark Interactive3.36
Panzer Dragoon1995SEGA Saturn, WindowsExpert Software, Inc.3.90
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Selected Covers

The House of the Dead Windows Front Cover
Front cover for The House of the Dead
Time Crisis: Crisis Zone PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Time Crisis: Crisis Zone
Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei SEGA Saturn Front Cover
Front cover for Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei
Chaos Control DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Chaos Control
Solar Crusade Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Solar Crusade

Selected Screenshots

Rogan, ready for action in his Miskatonic U. class blazer
Screenshot from The House of the Dead
Title screen
Screenshot from Panzer Dragoon II: Zwei
Title screen
Screenshot from Chaos Control
Options screen
Screenshot from Solar Crusade
Loading screen
Screenshot from Virtua Cop 2