Genre: Simulation - Space combat

Group Description

This group includes games that simulate space combat. The degree of realism in the simulations plays little role, since, as of now, space combat does not exist (or at least is unknown to humans). However, to distinguish themselves from pure action shooters, these games must emulate a spacecraft's three-dimensional motion in a free environment and have the player control the ship and its weapons, most commonly from a first-person cockpit view.

Note: Games that feature extensive space exploration and trading in addition to combat should not be included in this group.

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Game TitleYearPlatformsorted in ascending orderPublisherUser Score
X-COM: Interceptor1998WindowsMicroProse Software, Inc.3.25
Star Voyager1986NESAcclaim Entertainment, Inc....
WarpSpeed1992Genesis, SNESAccolade, Inc....
Starmaster1982Atari 2600Activision, Inc....
Star Trek: Bridge Commander2002WindowsActivision Publishing, Inc.3.91
Cylon Attack1982Atom, BBC Micro, Electron, ZX SpectrumA&F Software Ltd....
Star Raiders II1986Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit, Commodore 64, ZX SpectrumAtari Corporation3.25
Independence War: The Starship Simulator1997WindowsInfogrames, Inc.3.80
Epic1992Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, PC-98Ocean Software Ltd.3.30
Star Luster1985Arcade, NES, Nintendo 3DS, Sharp X68000, Wii, Wii UNamco Bandai Games Inc....
Starlancer2000Dreamcast, WindowsCrave Entertainment, Inc.3.82
Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance1999WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC4.00
Star Wars: X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter + Balance of Power2000WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC4.56
Star Wars: X-Wing (Collector's CD-ROM)1994DOS, Macintosh, WindowsLucasArts Entertainment Company LLC3.83
Wing Commander: Prophecy (Gold Edition)1998WindowsElectronic Arts, Inc.4.11
Skyfox II: The Cygnus Conflict1987Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOSElectronic Arts, Inc.4.15
Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom1996DOS, Macintosh, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSP, WindowsElectronic Arts, Inc.3.84
Wing Commander: Prophecy1997Game Boy Advance, WindowsElectronic Arts, Inc.3.90
Wing Commander: Prophecy (Special Edition)1997WindowsElectronic Arts, Inc....
Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger19943DO, DOS, Macintosh, PlayStation, WindowsElectronic Arts, Inc.3.89
Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga1996WindowsElectronic Arts, Inc.3.86
Super Wing Commander19943DO, MacintoshElectronic Arts, Inc....
Wing Commander / Wing Commander II (Special CD-ROM Edition)1994DOSORIGIN Systems, Inc....
Darklight Conflict1997DOS, PlayStation, SEGA SaturnElectronic Arts, Inc.3.49
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Selected Covers

Starlancer Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Starlancer
X-COM: Interceptor Windows Front Cover
Front cover for X-COM: Interceptor

Selected Screenshots

Welcome to the Mission Briefing room
Screenshot from Starlancer
Title screen
Screenshot from WarpSpeed
Intro sequence
Screenshot from X-COM: Interceptor
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