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Genre: Simulation - Space trading and combat

Group Description

This group includes predominantly free-form, exploration-based games that incorporates space combat with an economy system that allows (and usually requires) the player to trade with organizations or entire planets, typically with the goal of outfitting, enhancing, and strengthening the player-controlled ship to perform better in combat. Elite (1984) is commonly considered the progenitor of this type of games.

In order to be included in this group, a game must feature space trading as an important gameplay element. The actual percentage of combat and trading in the game may vary; however, in most cases combat is of secondary importance compared to trading and exploration.

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Selected Covers

Xiphos DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Xiphos
Starpoint Gemini Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Starpoint Gemini
X³: Gold Edition Windows Front Cover
Front cover for X³: Gold Edition

Selected Screenshots

Title screen (VGA)
Screenshot from Xiphos
The Captain's menu. Here you can look at your achieved skills or enhance them.
Screenshot from Starpoint Gemini
Loading screen.
Screenshot from Evochron Alliance