Genre: Six degrees of freedom

Group Description

Games where the majority of movement is based on the concept of six degrees of freedom (6DoF). It refers to the freedom of movement of a rigid body in three-dimensional space. Specifically, the body is free to change position as forward/backward (surge), up/down (heave), left/right (sway) translation in three perpendicular axes, combined with changes in orientation through rotation about three perpendicular axes, often termed pitch, yaw, and roll.

Selected Covers

Miner Wars 2081 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Miner Wars 2081
Descent DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Descent
Kromaia Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Kromaia
StarBlood Arena PlayStation 4 Front Cover
Front cover for StarBlood Arena
Descent³ Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Descent³

Selected Screenshots

Title screen
Screenshot from Miner Wars 2081
Main Menu
Screenshot from Descent
Title screen
Screenshot from Kromaia
Entering my name
Screenshot from Descent³
Main Menu
Screenshot from Forsaken
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