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Group Description

Tactical shooters is a sub-genre of shooters where the emphasis lies on realism. This applies in the usage of weapons, the control over the protagonist as well as usable combat tactics. In this type of game the player usually has control of a squad of characters. The player can only control only one character directly at a time, but can issue commands to let the AI take over the other characters. Usually tactical shooters feature some of the following elements:
  • Weapon drop
  • Realistic crosshairs or iron sights
  • Weapon degradation
  • Emphasis on stealth
  • Realistic movement speeds and types (i.e. no "bunny-hopping")
  • Locational damage
  • Fatigue
  • The ability to issue orders to and maybe even switch between squad members
  • Absence of a radar indicating unit positions

Selected Covers

Hidden & Dangerous Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Hidden & Dangerous
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six

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Screenshot from Hidden & Dangerous
Rainbow Six - In game
Screenshot from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
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