Genre: Trading / Collectible cards

Group Description

Trading Card games, also known as Collectible Card games, are games where your battles are based on the use of cards. These games require you to collect cards and trade them in order to create a deck of cards that is good enough to win against your opponent.

Each game has different rules, but they all have the main idea of collecting different cards and creating a deck with which to battle an opponent in turn-based combat. Some games may even take the idea to another level where you collect the cards and then those cards battle in 3D, but you are still required to collect them and battle with them in turn-based combat.

Selected Covers

Magic: The Gathering Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Magic: The Gathering
Etherlords Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Etherlords

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Main Menu
Screenshot from Magic: The Gathering
Main menu.
Screenshot from Etherlords
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