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Gobliiins series

Group Description

A series of strategic point-and-click adventure games, involving manipulating a team of Goblins to solve puzzles. The number of i's in the titles reflects the number of playable goblins in the game.

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Selected Covers

Gobliiins Pack Windows Front Cover Portrait version
Front cover for Gobliiins Pack
Gobliiins 1 & Gobliins 2 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Gobliiins 1 & Gobliins 2
Gobliiins 4 Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Gobliiins 4
Goblins Quest 3 DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Goblins Quest 3

Selected Screenshots

Gobliiins - Intro showing a curse being cast upon the king.
Screenshot from Gobliiins Pack
Main menu
Screenshot from Gobliiins 4
Title screen (US version).
Screenshot from Goblins Quest 3
From the opening intro
Screenshot from Gobliiins
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