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Hangman games

Group Description

Games based on the classic Hangman game. A player has to guess the letters that make up a word before his chances run out. A typical pen and paper version of the game includes a stick figure being hanged, with each part of the figure being completed every time a mistake is made. Once the figure is complete, the player loses.

Selected Covers

Hangman Extreme Browser Front Cover
Front cover for Hangman Extreme
Hangman DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Hangman
Hoyle Kids Games Macintosh Front Cover
Front cover for Hoyle Kids Games

Selected Screenshots

The title screen.
Screenshot from Hangman Extreme
Start screen
Screenshot from Jeu du Pendu, Le
The start of a game
The game plays in an odd-sized window
In-game help and other messages open up in new windows
Screenshot from Hangman 2
Manual protection check
Screenshot from Wisielec
Title screen.
Screenshot from Hangman