Hearts of Iron series

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Hearts of Iron is a strategy game that follows the gameplay of Europa Universalis to a certain extent. The game set around World War II. Most usually start roughly at pre WW-II around 1939. Game endings of the series vary.

Hearts of Iron has a top-down perspective, where gameplay is only on a world-political map level. No other perspectives in the series exist. The game is also "semi real-time" in gameplay, where you can "pause" or slower/faster the speed settings to adjust your strategy.

Gameplay mostly focuses on global strategy where you play as the supreme "dictator" of ANY chosen country at the selected time period. However, the "story" of the game revolves around the 3 major alliances during that Era: the Allies, under the leadership of United Kingdom, the Axis under the leadership of Nazi Germany and Komintern under the leadership of Communist Soviet Union.

The purpose of the game is "technically" to lead your faction (if you choose to do so) as the winning faction, represented by the number of "points" it scores at the game end.

Selected Covers

Hearts of Iron II Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Hearts of Iron II

Selected Screenshots

Screenshot from Hearts of Iron II
Main Menu
Screenshot from Hearts of Iron III
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