Inspiration: Author - H. P. Lovecraft

Group Description

Games based on the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. These tend to concern themselves mostly with the stories forming the basis for what has become known as the "Cthulhu mythos." (Lovecraft himself never used the term.)

Generally made on license from Chaosium, though the pervasive influence of Lovecraft on modern horror writers means there's significant leeway in what to call "inspired by Lovecraft" or not.

Selected Covers

Quake Nintendo 64 Front Cover
Front cover for Quake
Daughter of Serpents DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Daughter of Serpents
The Hound of Shadow DOS Front Cover
Front cover for The Hound of Shadow
Pray for Death DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Pray for Death

Selected Screenshots

I´m gonna paint that mark on my door as well :)
Screenshot from Quake
Character generation, step 1: choose personality traits.
Screenshot from Daughter of Serpents
Start screen
Screenshot from The Hound of Shadow
Main Menu
Screenshot from Pray for Death