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This group contains games based on movies, released either in theaters or directly onto VHS, CD, DVD, and other formats, as well as characters from those series. This also includes miniseries, originally designed for air on a specific network. This may include movies from any era into present day.

  • There have been many movies based on other material, including books, comics, TV series, or other adaptations. For the purposes of this game group, the content in the game must directly reference likeness, characters, and situations as they are depicted in the movie. This usually also involves having an official license.

  • Games which only emulate the atmosphere or style of a movie, without building on specific content as described above, should not be included in this game group.
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sorted in ascending orderGame TitleYearPlatformPublisherUser Score
Shrek the Third2007Nintendo DSActivision Publishing, Inc.5.00
Shrek: Treasure Hunt2002PlayStationTDK Mediactive, Inc.2.67
Shutter Island2010Macintosh, WindowsMerscom LLC2.85
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas2003WindowsAtari, Inc.2.25
SingStar Singalong with Disney2008PlayStation 2Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd.3.00
Sky Captain: Flying Legion Air Combat Challenge2004Macintosh, WindowsParamount Pictures3.50
SkyNET1996DOSBethesda Softworks LLC3.84
Small Soldiers1998Game BoyTHQ Inc.2.53
Small Soldiers1998PlayStationElectronic Arts, Inc.2.83
Small Soldiers: Squad Commander1998WindowsDreamWorks Interactive L.L.C.4.33
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs2002Atari 2600CGE Services Corporation1.00
Snow White in Happily Ever After1994SNESAmerican Softworks Corporation3.40
Soldier Boyz1997WindowsDreamCatcher Interactive Inc.0.86
Sorcerer's Apprentice1983Atari 2600Atari, Inc.3.53
Space Camp1986MSXPack-In-Video Co., Ltd3.10
Space Chimps2008PlayStation 2, Wii, Windows, Xbox 360Brash Entertainment, LLC.2.17
Space Chimps2008Nintendo DSBrash Entertainment, LLC....
Space Jam1996DOS, PlayStation, SEGA SaturnAcclaim Entertainment, Inc.3.96
Spacewar1979Commodore PET/CBMCreative Computing Software...
Spartan X 21991NESIrem Corp.3.83
Speed1993DOSKnowledge Adventure, Inc.4.50
Speed Racer: The Videogame2008Nintendo DSWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc.5.00
Speed Racer: The Videogame2008PlayStation 2, WiiWarner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc.4.11
Spider-Man2002Game Boy AdvanceActivision Publishing, Inc.2.64
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Selected Covers

Speed DOS Front Cover
Front cover for Speed
Shrek: Treasure Hunt PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Shrek: Treasure Hunt
Space Chimps Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Space Chimps

Selected Screenshots

This is the start screen.
Screenshot from Speed
Facing a Commando.
Screenshot from Small Soldiers